Congratulations to Kyla Crawford, para-educator extraordinaire at Showalter Middle School! She was recently recognized by the State of Washington Professional Educator Standards Board for her work developing statewide standards for professional growth for paraeducators.

Her letter of commendation reads:

The Professional Educator Standards Board was authorized by Substitute Senate Bill 6129, passed in the 2014 Legislative session, to convene a work group to develop and design program specific minimum employment standards for para-educators, professional development and education opportunities that support the standards, and a career ladder for para-educators and professional development certificated employees that focus on maximizing the success of para-educators in the classroom.

It is our pleasure to recognize Kyla Crawford for her continued service on the Para-Educator Subcommittee, which was convened to address the requirements of SSB 6129. Kyla provided the necessary continuity from last year’s effort and accelerated the subcommittee work to address both basic education and special education standards. She was an outstanding professional and represented your district well.

A second report with recommendations from the subcommittee will be submitted to the Legislature by Jan. 10, 2016. Without Kyla’s valuable expertise and contribution, this work could not have been completed.

Thank you for allowing Kyla to participate in this project and to help support improvements to K-12 education in Washington State.


Damien Pattenaude, Chair of the Para-Educator Work Group

Jonelle Adams, Para-Educator Work Group Project Director


Superintendent Nancy Coogan (left) presented Kyla Crawford with a certificate of recognition at the Jan. 12 school board meeting.