MAJOR KUDOS to our School Board! January is School Board Appreciation Month, and we are grateful for our hard-working, student-centered, community-connected board members. Please give a big thanks to:

  • Director Mary Fertakis
  • Director Ricardo Frazer
  • Director Dave Larson
  • Director Steve Mullet
  • Director Alicia Waterton.

Elected board members are the critical democratic link between public schools and the community members who own them. Working closely with parents, staff, students, and residents, school board members are responsible for holding the superintendent accountable for meeting the community’s high expectations for children’s education. They also advocate for public schools and the resources/regulations necessary to serve local students.

Our TSD leaders were honored at last night’s board meeting with student art that reflects each director’s passion (music! 12th Man! robotics!). Student artist Yasir Abdulgani from Thorndyke presented the artwork to each director.

Everyone was inspired and awed by these burgeoning artist’s work:

  • Yasir Abdulgani, Thorndyke Elementary
  • Liam Glanville, Thorndyke Elementary
  • Samuel Lyrek, Thorndyke Elementary
  • Marisol Jimenez, Tukwila Elementary
  • Perla Flores, Thorndyke Elementary
  • Quincy Brown, Tukwila Elementary

Gallery of photos