Gov. Jay Inslee this month presented the Gold Star Award to the Tukwila School District and Showalter Middle School for being among the top in the state for signing up students for the College Bound Scholarship.

“Your district’s success places you as one of the top-performing districts in the state…” Inslee wrote. “Students in your district have greater opportunities because of your efforts and leadership.”

Showalter Middle School has enrolled 100 percent of eligible students since 2014, far surpassing the state average of 71 percent. This is due to the incredible effort of Showalter staff, led by College & Career Readiness Specialist Jennifer Fichamaba, to personally connect with each eligible student and his/her family.

The incentive has paid off, quite literally. Thanks to dedicated counselors and staff at Foster High School, those middle-schoolers who sign the pledge have turned into successful graduates with more than a million dollars in collective College Bound scholarships each year!

“This scholarship is a promise,” said Tukwila Superintendent Nancy Coogan. “Our state is promising students that if they work hard in school, their future is not limited by their economic status. This scholarship lets our  students dream big, and make those dreams come true. I am truly thankful to everyone at Showalter who works relentlessly to ensure every single eligible student accesses this life-changing opportunity.”

A full-ride to college!

The College Bound Scholarship helps income-eligible students in Washington reach higher levels of educational attainment. In combination with other state aid, it covers tuition at public college rates. Eligible students must sign up in middle school by June 30 of their eighth-grade year to receive this incredible opportunity.